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People's Belief

People believed that Lake Chini have its own believed by presence of dragon that made Lake Chini become one of the legendary place in Malaysia. Until now, if people heard about Lake Chini, automatically they will think about dragon. Thus, in this entry I will express about people believed about dragon according to the myth that they already heard.

According to the story of a settler of Bahasan Abdullah, 51, he believed that there was a dragon in Tasik Chini after he had seen it in 1986. As he was lifting fishing nets in Lake Gumum, he was surprised when an animal like a large snake tangled in his nets. He slashed the head of the snake to death. Then he put the snake in a canoe. It is even more surprising when he saw that snake blood like human blood and bleed too much.When boarding a boat headed to the base at about 10 am, suddenly he saw three curves of  a huge dragon appears on the water surface. While looking at the distance, he saw the body of the dragon is obviously black and so big until produce the strong waves. After the incident, there was something strange happened to him. His head felt itchy and after a few days the effects itching his head become dust. After that, the rest of her body weakened and infected with diseases such as scabies. He suffered with the disease for 13 years and it recovered after he went back to the area when at first he found the snake. He said that finally the healed recover well but it left an indelible memory in his life that might being curse dragon on it


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