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The Myth of Tasik Chini

Illustration picture of a dragon in Tasik Chini

The mysterious of Naga Seri Gumum are now become stranger since until now many researchers cannot find the real evidence and make people curious about this myth. The question is does this dragon are really exist? So in this entry, I would like to emphasize on the myth inhabited of dragon in Tasik Chini. Once upon a time, a group of Aboriginal Jakun to the forest forest,  and clearing land for farming there. One day, when Aboriginal groups are gathering to farming, suddenly a woman with a cane appeared and told, that place is hers owned and they have to ask permission before entering that forest. The woman erect the wand in the middle of land, and warned not to pull out before she disappeared. All of a sudden, while they clean up the land, they are disturbed by dogs barking at the edge of that place. One of them decided to find the cause and was surprised to find that barking sound coming from a big black timber. Then they threw a sharp stick towards of the big black timber and shocked to see blood gushing out from the pole. Then there were dark clouds enveloped the sky, followed by thunder and lightning before a heavy rain. One of them pulled out the wood which are driven by that women earlier. Immediately the water gushing out of the hole, the earth begin to tremble and the ground sinking. Apart of that the rainwater reservoir into a lake which is until now it is known as Tasik Chini. Local people say that the wood is the embodiment of a dragon known as Naga Sri Gumum


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